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If you have ever searched the web looking for others who share your last name, or wondered about your family history, you're not alone.

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This site was formed out of the desire to connect Kellond family members around the world, and provide the foundation for the formation of a truly global family. We are all unique in our experiences, but research has shown that our common heritage traces back to the England, and from there?

While we are not the first to attempt to link the living members of a family together by way of the internet, we are the first to attempt to combine contact information with genealogy information.

As a result of an extensive search to find Kellond's around the world, numerous listings and email addresses have been located. With your permission we wish to include your name and E'mail as part of our global family at!

The information you will find has been taken from the Internet, on-line telephone directories, Web searches, Government archives and your emails and calls.

We previously had some problems with "Scams" targeting any Email addresses we have, we are in the process to hide these from the Scam robots looking for addresses! Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Your comments and participation are appreciated.

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